The magnificent Abbey of the Order of Premontre lies just outside Leuven and is the largest of its kind in Belgium. Founded back in 1129, it is here that the monks first developed the light drinking Beer that would later inspire the creation of Heverlee.

    Over the centuries The Abbey grew into one of the most prominent in the Southern Netherlands. Covering a surface area of 42 hectares it remains one of the best preserved abbeys in Belgium - home to monks for over 900 years


    The Abbey can look forward to a bright future, with a significant multi-million euro investment allowing for a loving restoration and return to its original glory. The renovation of the striking library area is well underway, restoring one of The Abbey’s most spectacular signature stuccos, depicting biblical and Norbotine scenes with a 3D effect.

    We are proud to support The Abbey with a contribution being made form every pint sold, making Heverlee as bound to The Abbey’s future as we are indebted to its past.